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You want to make an impact by giving back, whether it's globally or right next door. Maybe your heart is with your local arts organization, or a religious institution, or the environment. For you, it's not about swooping in with a big check (although that doesn't hurt.) It's about actually walking alongside the people, partnering with them, and using your connections to make a difference and leave a legacy. 

It’s about righting a wrong, or making things fairer, better, more beautiful, or sustainable. 

It’s about finally leading the change you want to see in the world.  

It’s time to answer the call. 

We are gathering a group of movers and shakers who are ready to step up and do something big. You may know what you want to change in the world - or you might just know you are here to do something more than what you are doing at the moment.  

Join us. 

In one powerful day together, we’ll figure out what cause resonates for you and induct you into the world of global leaders taking the first steps toward a significant impact. 

Over the course of eight hours, you'll gain the confidence, skills, clarity, and tools you need to go from success to significance. 

As you empower others, you may find yourself more empowered as well. Everyone is a superhero in this equation. 

This pop-up event with Dawn Trautman and Juliet Le Breton is Wednesday, May 22 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm in Brooklyn, NY.

Please note that this opportunity will not be offered again in the near future. Juliet lives and works in Zimbabwe, and Dawn travels every month to work with religious and cultural leaders across the United States. This is the first time these two leaders in the fields of transformation, social change, and global good are able to combine their schedules and skills for a power-packed day of illumination, laughter, learning, and mission-driven impact.  

Additionally, we are limiting the number of participants at this exclusive event to ensure that everyone receives a high level of individual attention. Places will sell out quickly. 

Dawn and Juliet's work has directly impacted these and other organizations


Session 1: Born with superpowers

Uncover who you are, what you care about most deeply, and what motivates you using the Enneagram and a variety of other tools. At the end of this session, you’ll know how how best to use your unique combination of skills, talents, and aptitudes to find the fastest and easiest way to make the impact you long for. 

Session 2: Identify your superhero's mission

We’ll help you uncover a cause, charity, or issue that’s close to your heart and aligns with your business or vocation. You’ll discover the five Superhero paths to global impact, and choose one that fits your style and cause. By the end of this session, you’ll be clear on your cause, your pathway for success, and have set your bold goals - your superhero mission objectives.  

Session 3: Allies on your hero's journey 

We love to romanticize the idea of the lone superhero, but in real life every hero relies on an incredible team of allies, supporters, volunteers and sidekicks - and the good news is, so can you! We’ll help you identify the key allies and supporters for your journey. You’ll also learn storytelling and advocacy skills that you need to help others to get excited and invested in helping your mission succeed, whether you are at a board meeting or a backyard barbeque.

 Session 4: To Gotham and Beyond

In this fun and practical session, you’ll craft your sound bytes so that you can be confident, clear, persuasive, and engaging when taking your message even further. We’ll help you amplify your impact through networking, social media, and mass media. We'll even give you a chance to deliver your sound byte to the group and provide you with professional photographs for your press kit.

By the end of the day you’ll have the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed on your hero’s journey. 

Welcome to the Hall of Heroes. We’re honoured to have you join us.  


Quick Action Bonus 

Sign up by Wednesday, May 15 to receive a complimentary 25-minute one-on-one session with Dawn or Juliet.

Bonus #1: The Gold Lists

Two lists of contacts and resources to help you on your way:  

1. The Golden Loudhailer: A list of top shows, publications, and podcasts where you could make a guest appearance and how to contact them. 

2. Gold Standard Causes & Partners: A list of recommended and vetted non-profits, social enterprises, and causes that are making an impact in the area that you love.

Bonus #2: The Persuasion Package

A video of your elevator pitch filmed on your phone, plus professional digital photographs of you presenting your pitch, a group photo, and a professional portrait. 

Bonus #3: Mission Launchpad Countdown Call

One group coaching call with hotseat opportunities one week after the event so we can keep you on track and help you find your next step. 

More about your workshop leaders

Juliet Le Breton

A natural-born social entrepreneur and world traveller, Juliet is an intercultural trainer empowering high level decision makers to communicate, manage and motivate multinational groups across the globe. Her superpower is her ability to move easily between all levels of change, from government agencies to providing direct assistance to those in need.

Dawn Trautman

Dawn Trautman has been empowering women for over a dozen years through the company she founded, Big Picture Big Purpose, which provides coaching to leaders of non-profits, small businesses, and religious institutions. Her superpower is to take any abstract idea and turn it into a sound byte with actionable steps, ending confusion and leading to quicker, deeper change. She is also a professional actor and producer of the web series, "A Dairy Tale," a quirky story of a Midwestern woman finding her voice. 

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